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By Wu Ming

ISBN-10: 0099472333

ISBN-13: 9780099472339

Fifty four

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We’ve had enough of that kind of nonsense, dangerous rubbish about blood and soil, before and during the war. ’ ‘How could I? You’re comparing the Führer’s ravings about Aryan purity with the legitimate desire to reunify the peoples of Italy in a single country! I’m an old liberal, I’ve always been anti-fascist. It’s hardly my fault if words like “homeland” have been sullied in the mouths of rabble-rousers. Ask the citizens of Pola and Zara whether they don’t want to be freed from Tito’s yoke! Families have been broken up, there’s a diaspora –’ His voice choked in his throat, and Pinamonti took advantage of the fact.

An awkward movement ran through the row of soldiers, as though only some of them had received the order and the others had joined in afterwards. A rifle slipped out of someone’s hand. ‘That’s an order, for Christ’s sake! ’ At that moment three soldiers exchanged a nod of intent and swung the barrels of their guns around. One towards the captain’s head, the other two at his fellow officers. ‘Stop it, all of you! ’ The captain blanched. ‘Capponi, what the bloody hell do you think you’re doing? Farina!

Will I still be able to do my work properly? Will they be able to get me to work so far away from home? Will I still make people laugh, keep them interested with the news, move them? McGuffin had no answers. He consoled himself by thinking about past glories, and every now and again, to keep hope alive, he peeped out of the door, hoping that someone might pay him a little attention. Fully assembled on 16 February 1953 in the factories of McGuffin Electric, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he had been one of the first deluxe models turned out by the company.

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