Download e-book for kindle: A Garden Of Pomegranates: A Outline of the Qabalah by Israel Regardie

By Israel Regardie

ISBN-10: 0875426905

ISBN-13: 9780875426907

A simple advent to the sensible Qabala as a street map to the subconscious, and to Man's interrelationship with the Universe -- with specific emphasis on mental integration, magick, and religious progress.

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Its symbols will be intelligible to all rational minds in an identical sense, since the relations obtaining between these symbols are fixed by nature. It is this consideration which has led to the adoption of the Qabalistic " Tree of Life" as the basis of the universal philosophical alphabet. The apologia for this system (if such be needed) is, as has already been stated, that our purest conceptions are symbolized in mathematics. Bertrand Russell, Cantor, Poincare, Einstein, and others have been hard at work to replace the Victorian empiricism by an intelligible coherent interpretation of the universe by means of mathematical ideas and symbols.

Who could comprehend Him as He then was, before creation, since He had no form ? " The Ain is not a being; it is No-Thing. That which is incomprehensible, unknown, and unknowable does not exist-at least, to be more accurate, insofar as our own consciousness is concerned. Blavatsky defines this primal reality as an Omnipresent, Eternal, and Boundless principle on which all speculation is utterly impossible, since it so transcends the power of human conception and thought that it would only be dwarfed by any similitude.

Its symbol is the brooding dove-the true Sheehinah, or Holy Spirit. The letter of Tetragrammaton is the first Heh it, and the Tarot attribution is the four Queens. The first three Sephiros, denominated the Supernals, transcend in every possible way all intellectual conceptions, and can only be realized by specialized training in meditation and practical Qabalah. The Supernals are separated by a great gulf, the Abyss, from that which lies below them. The Supernals are Ideal; the other Sephiros are Actual; the Abyss is the metaphysical gap between.

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