New PDF release: A history of Marine Corps roles and missions, 1775-1962

By Thomas G Roe

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Firstly, their connections with international trade structures died out in the third quarter of the seventh-century. From that time on, we may imagine that the inhabitants of both lands were left more or less on their own. Secondly, and more importantly, it is at the very end of the seventhcentury that we see the first fortified sites in Bohemia and Moravia79. There are several possible explanations for this. First and foremost, it could have been a consequence of the stabilization of social positions of the earliest Slav elites in Czech territory.

This analysis indicated that the hoard was deposited sometime in the first half of the seventh-century. It also outlined how its contents mirrored contact with three spheres of art creation. First and foremost, Avar-oriented artifacts displayed Danubian influences. Second, characteristics from Byzantine art were in evidence (which was more or less to be expected). The third and most surprising observation is that which suggests contact with the Baltic area. This merits particular attention. The lively flow of trade that linked the Gaul of Late Antiquity with the Baltic coast in the fourth and fifth centuries a.

62 62 The editions of Fredegar’s chronicle are listed among the sources in the Reference section of this book. See also Wood 1994, and, most extensively and with references, 32 chapter 1 Fredegar’s Samo63 is a Frankish merchant (negucians) who did business with the Slavs. ) He visited Slav regions sometime after 620, perhaps in 623 or 624. At that time, sons of Slav mothers and Avar fathers, who felt unjustly deprived of their status as Avar gentlemen, revolted against the Avar establishment. Samo accepted command of this revolt and under his lead the Slavs inflicted defeat upon Avar troops.

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