Timothy Richard Parsons's A Manual of Chemical & Biological Methods for Seawater PDF

By Timothy Richard Parsons

ISBN-10: 0080302874

ISBN-13: 9780080302874

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An advent to the quantitative research of seawater, describing intimately organic and chemical innovations, that are thought of to be among these as a rule utilized by organic oceanographers. The handbook offers entire directions for the addition of reagents and calculation of effects in regards fabric for every strategy in order that the unique texts should be consulted if precious. more often than not, the strategies require at the least past specialist education and strategies wanting very pricey apparatus were refrained from

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Prepare fresh each day. 6. 4, Section E2. 7. 4, Section E3. CBMSA-B Nutrients 20 8. 4, Section E4. 9. 4, Section E5. 10. Oxidizing solution Mix 100 ml of reagent 8 with 25 ml of reagent 9. Prepare fresh every day. F. Experimental procedure 1. Add 50 ml of sample to each of four 125-ml Erlenmeyer flasks using a 50-ml measuring cylinder. 0 ml of dilute enzyme solution from a pipette to two (only) of the flasks and mix the contents. Cover the mouths of all four flasks with aluminum foil (Note a). 2.

Measure the extinction of the samples and correct them for the reagent blank. Then the quantity of organic nitrogen is given as: /xg-at organic N/l = (ExF)-A where E is the corrected sample extinction, F i s the factor as determined below and A is the jUg-at/1 of nitrate plus nitrite originally present in the seawater sample (Note d). G. Determination of blank Measure 40 ml of distilled water into a 125-ml capacity Teflon bottle and carry out steps 1 to 4 in Section F above. The mean of 3 blanks should be subtracted from the unknown samples and the standard.

1 (a value of approximately 25) is multiplied by the final volume of solution in the Erlenmeyer flask (Section F, step 4) divided by 40. Thus ( 4 9 + x) where FN is the nitrate factor, and x is the number of ml of acid added in step 3 (Section F). The value obtained should be approximately 33. Notes (a) p H control in this method is critical. 4. (b) Screwing the caps on prior to autoclaving reduces variability but may result in deformation of the Teflon bottles on cooling. This is only temporary, however, and the original shape returns when air is let in.

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