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By P. W Bridgman

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Even professional relativists can occasionally fail to arrive a consensus, a scenario that calls for a scrutiny of basics. aimed toward readers already conversant in certain relativity, this ebook transcends the view of idea as a operating device to deal with strength obstacles to a whole figuring out. It deals an exam of the typical questions about relativity thought: what's the function of the "observer"--is he to be pointed out with a few body of reference or is he outdoor of any body? what's an "event"? Can the "conventional" point within the "definition" of far-off simultaneity be refrained from? As this volume's advent notes, "Bridgman's profound and far-reaching research of area, time, and causality in Sophisticate's Primer is gifted on a degree that's easy adequate to be liked by means of a large spectrum of readers. it's a advantageous instance of an research of foundations tempered via a philosophical view that remains relevant--the operational aspect of view." Unabridged republication of the second one variation initially released by way of Wesleyan collage Press, Middletown, Connecticut, 1984. advent by means of Arthur I. Miller. Bibliography. Index.

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11 we have θ = π /2 and hence sin θ = 1 whence curl n = −φ (cos φ , sin φ , 0) = −φ n . Thus the twist is n · curl n = −φ and the bend is n × curl n = −φ n × n = 0. 47) and is minimised for the uniform twist φ = qo . For a general conical state, θ = π /2, the twist is n · curl n = − sin2 θ φ and is reduced by the inclination of the director towards the helix axis, pˆ . Bend is now present and is n × curl n = sin θ cos θ φ (sin φ , − cos φ , 0). It is clear that splay is absent in a conical cholesteric: div n = dnz /dz = d cos θ /dz = 0.

541kB ) where the Q = 0 and the Q = 0 solutions are of the same free energy. This is close to the T ∗ for this model. 10). Explicitly, the Q2 term gives 22 LIQUID CRYSTALS T∗ = J . 18) Thus T ∗ in the Maier-Saupe model is set essentially by the interactions between the rods. In writing this form, one has taken Ao = J/T which has a weak T dependence that we ignore, as we also do in B and C. 18), relating T ∗ with J, and in turn how J is modified by, say, dilution of the rods by solvent or by their being photoisomerised.

Non-uniform directors will figure in a novel way later when we discuss instabilities in nematic elastomers. 20) with the Ki being the corresponding splay, twist and bend curvature elastic constants respectively. Deriving this expression (de Gennes and Prost, 1994) requires care that it obeys all symmetry requirements, the most obvious being invariance with respect to n → −nn. With the simplification K2 = K3 = K, the Frank free energy density FFr reduces to 2 2 1 1 2 K1 (div n ) + 2 K(curl n ) , apparently only quadratic in n , but even then this free energy is not at all innocent.

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