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By Bertha Siertsema

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The ordinary conception of 'form' as an organised perceptible datum does not cover Hjelmslev's conception of 'form' either. From the data thus obtained, from as many languages as possible, we can make an algebraic calculation of what combinations of entities are theoretically possible. "Such a linguistics", says Hjelmslev," ... would be one whose science of the expression is not a phonetics and whose science of the content is not a semantics. , arbitrarily named entities 1 } Cf. Wells' example of an "unsubstantial" characterization of morphemes, Review Recherches p.

Uldall. Here language is conceived of as consisting of three concentric parts: the system, which is the central part, the elements arranged in a pattern of mutual relations; the norm, which is a set of rules based on the system and fixing the limit of variability for each element; the usage, which is a set of rules based 44 INDUCTION A~D DEDUCTION on the norm and fixing the limit of variability tolerated in a given community at a given time; this limit is based on social conventions. In this connection the word inductive is used: "The glossematic system is found inductively through a series of ascending abstractions: an empirical study of the practice leads to the recognisation of the usage, a study of the usage to the recognisation of the norm, a study of the norm to the recognisation of the system.

Are striking examples. Of none of them can a general definition be given: in one language, Latin for example, a genitive is something quite different from the genitive in another language, say Greek. Induction, says Hjelmslev, does not lead from fluctuation to a constant, (see Ch. I) but to accident, it cannot ensure a self-consistent and simple description. vVe ought, therefore, to carry out our analysis in the opposite direction, according to Hjelmslev. He thinks that when we start from experimental data we will get exactly the opposite procedure: "If the linguistic investigator is given anything ...

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