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By Craig S. Keener

ISBN-10: 0801048362

ISBN-13: 9780801048364

Hugely revered New testomony pupil Craig Keener is understood for his meticulous and entire study. This statement on Acts, his magnum opus, could be the biggest and such a lot completely documented Acts statement to be had. valuable not just for the research of Acts but in addition early Christianity, this paintings units Acts in its first-century context.

In this quantity, the second one of 4, Keener keeps his targeted exegesis of Acts, using an unheard of variety of historical resources and providing a wealth of unpolluted insights. This magisterial observation should be a useful source for brand spanking new testomony professors and scholars, pastors, Acts students, and libraries.

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Ter. Yad. Yebam. Yoma Zabim Zebaḥ. Negaʿim Niddah ʾOhalot (Ahilot in the Tosefta) ʿOrlah Parah Peʾah Pesaḥim Qiddušin Roš Haššanah Šabbat Sanhedrin Šebiʿit Šebuʿot Šeqalim Soṭah Sukkah Taʿanit Tamid Ṭeharot Temurah Terumot Yadayim Yebamot Yoma Zabim Zebaḥim Other Rabbinic Works ʾAbot R. Nat. Der. Er. Rab. Der. Er. Zuṭ. Deut. Rab. Eccl. Rab. Esth. Rab. ʾAbot de Rabbi Nathan (recensions A and B) Derek Ereṣ Rabbah Derek Ereṣ Zuṭa Deuteronomy Rabbah Ecclesiastes (Qoheleth) Rabbah Esther Rabbah Exod.

Colum. Arb. Rust. Corn. Nep. Cornutus Summ. Crates Ep. Demet. Style Demosth. Andr. Aphob. 1–3 Aristocr. Aristog. 1–2 Boeot. 1–2 Chers. Con. Cor. Ep. Ep. Philip Epitaph. Eub. Exord. Fals. leg. Lacr. Leoch. Lept. Mid. Pro Sexto Roscio Amerino Pro Roscio comoedo Pro Scauro De senectute Pro Sestio Pro Sulla Topica Pro Tullio Tusculan Disputations In Vatinium In Verrem Columella De arboribus/On Trees De re rustica/On Agriculture Cornelius Nepos Generals Cornutus Summary of Greek Theology Pseudo-Crates Epistles Demetrius Phalereus On Style/De elocutione Demosthenes Against Androtion Against Aphobus Against Aristocrates Against Aristogeiton Mantitheus against Boeotus On the Chersonese Against Conon De corona/On the Crown Epistulae/Letters Epistula Philippi/Letter of Philip Epitaphius/Funeral Speech Euxitheus against Eubulides Exordia (Prooemia) De falsa legatione/False Embassy Against Lacritus Against Leochares Against Leptines In Midiam/Against Meidias Navy Neaer.

Vay. Midr. Pss. Num. Rab. Pesiq. Rab. Pesiq. Rab Kah. Pirqe R. El. Ruth Rab. S. Eli. Rab. S. Eli. Zut. Sem. M. Behuq. Emor Mes. Neg. par. pq. Qed. d. Sh. Sh. d. Taz. Exodus Rabbah Genesis Rabbah Jerusalem Targum Lamentations Rabbah Leviticus Rabbah Mekilta (ed. Lauterbach) Amalek Bahodesh Beshallah Kaspa Nezikin Pisha Shabbata Shirata Vayassa Midrash on Psalms (Tehillim) Numbers Rabbah Pesiqta Rabbati Pesiqta de Rab Kahana Pirqe Rabbi Eliezer Ruth Rabbah Seder Eliyahu Rabbah Seder Eliyahu Zuta Semaḥot ʾAḥarê Mot Behuqotai Emor Mesora Negʿaim parashah pereq Qedošim Sav Sav Mekhilta deMiluim Shemini Shemini Mekhilta deMiluim Tazria VDDeho.

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