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By Frank Bolz (Auth.)

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In other cases ( G r o u p V I I I - V I I I , G r o u p I B - I B ) where the chemical properties of the two metals are insufficiently dissimilar, such an approach may be less convincing and direct verification of bimetalhc cluster formation is necessary to inter­ pret catalytic behavior. In the first part of this chapter we focus attention on direct experimental evidence for bimetallic clusters in supported G r o u p V I I I - V I I I combinations. At present, such evidence comes primarily from Mössbauer spectroscopic and chemisorption studies of bimetallic catalysts in which one component is iron.

J. C , and Sinfelt, J. H. (1969). J. Catal. 14, 182. 2 Physical and Chemical of Supported Bimetallic Properties Catalysts James J. Burton Robert L. Garten Exxon Research and Engineering Company Linden, New Jersey 1. 11. Introduction 33 T h e C h e m i c a l N a t u r e of B i m e t a l l i c C a t a l y s t s 35 A. Separate Metals or Bimetallic Clusters? 36 B. Factors Affecting the Efficiency and U n i f o r m i t y of C o c l u s t e r i n g III. Structure A. T w o - D i m e n s i o n a l Rafts o r Three-Dimensional B.

B u r t o n a n d R o b e r t L. G a r t e n small particles to catalytic properties. Much of our present knowledge of the existence of such relationships has been obtained from catalytic studies of the specific activities (rates per surface metal atom) of supported metal catalysts over the past decade. It is now well established that the specific rates for a number of reactions are dependent on metal particle size (microstructure), whereas others are not (see review by Dzis'ko, 1974). In addition, the specific activity of small metal particles may be influenced by the support (Taylor et al, 1964).

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