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The practice is most common in pulp mills, sawmills, veneer and plywood mills, in which it supplies all or part of the plant’s electricity and heating requirements. The combustion of biomass in the domestic sector, especially firewood, is common in rural areas of cold-climate countries, such as Canada and in northern Europe. Split and Page 23 © Copyright Pira International Ltd 2007 Advances in Biogas End-user applications dried chunkwood is burned in high-efficiency, enclosed fireplaces, box-stoves, furnaces and cooking stoves.

Often the biogas produced has not been used as an energy source and it has been burnt as a flare or discharged into the atmosphere. In recent years, though, concerns over the environment, along with rising costs of energy and waste treatment, have sparked increased interest in the anaerobic treatment process itself and, more important, in how to apply biogas produced via the treatment of organic waste profitably. The most profitable way to use biogas may be to convert it into natural gas. As biogas produced by AD can be processed into natural gas – it is similar in many respects to gas extracted from wells – it can be fed into local or national gas grids.

Europe, including Scandinavia. Rising use in the US. In Asia and Latin America engines are being used increasingly in industry, although they are generally small-scale units. Conversion efficiencies are relatively low (at less than 25%) for smaller engines, which adds significantly to the overall cost. Home heating and cooking, via biomass combustion (of firewood/chunkwood). North America, especially in rural areas; colder countries in western Europe and eastern Europe. With firewood's increasing scarcity, many domestic stoves and furnaces are switching to alternative fuels, or feedstocks.

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