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By James C. Lin (auth.), James C. Lin (eds.)

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This is the 3rd quantity within the sequence, during which the subject of the consequences of radio frequencies on human tissue, now more and more a priority with the superiority of mobile phones, is explored by way of Prof. Lin and different researchers. The effect of electromagnetics on imaging and cardiology, either very willing components of study at the moment, is usually explored.

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For very similar tissues where 11\ is equal to 112' there is no reflection and the transmission is maximum. As the transmitted wave propagates in tissue medium, RF energy is extracted from the wave and deposited in the medium, resulting in a progressive reduction of power density of the wave as it advances in the tissue. This reduction is quantified by the depth of penetration or skin depth, which is the distance througi l which the power density decreases by a factor of e-2. Note that the rate of energy deposition is equal to SAR.

Reflection and Transmission At boundaries separating regions of different biological materials, RF energy is reflected or transmitted. For a plane wave impinging normally from a medium of intrinsic impedance 11\, on a medium of intrinsic impedance 112' the reflection coefficient is given by (42) The transmission coefflcient provides a measure ofRF energy coupling and is given by T = 1 + R. The fraction of incident power reflected by the discontinuity is R2 and the transmitted fraction is (1 - R2).

It is cautioned that when applying (39) and (40) t,) estimate induced fields inside a body (animals, humans, or tissue preparations), any significant deviations from homogeneity or circular cylindrical symmetry must be taken into account. Equations (39) and (40) should be applied to each region inside the body with a different conductivity which behaves as a unit with its own body center and radius or an equivalent radius. However, due to opposing field orientations and current paths the highest field and current densities tend to occur with the large dimensions associated with outer layers of a body or tissue preparation so long as the conductivities are not grossly different and the regions are not separated by nonconducting materials.

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