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HP says: HP: Ere I proceed with this sublime rite, I must beg purification at thy hands. HPS takes up a red cord and binds his arms, then taking up the cable-tow, leads him once about the Circle. HP kneels facing altar. Scourge. HP rises and is unbound whereupon he binds HPS as she bound him, leads her about the Circle and scourges her as she kneels before the altar. /FONT> HP unties HPS and says: HP: Now again I must beg purification. HPS binds him, leads him about the Circle and Scourges him kneeling before the altar, as before.

The Witches' Rune Darksome night and shining moon, Hearken to the witches' rune. East, then south, west then north, Here come I to call the forth. Earth and water, air and fire, Work ye unto my desire. Wand and Pentacle and Sword Hearken ye unto my word. Cords and Censer, Scourge and Knife, Waken all ye into life. Powers of the Witches Blade, Come ye as the charm is made. Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell, Lend your aid unto the spell. Horned Hunter of the Night, Work my will by magic rite. By all the power of land and sea, As I do will, so mote it be.

The Farrars say that they are giving GBG's Text B version. The Great Rite (Alternative Verse Version of Priest's Declamation) Assist me to build As the Mighty Ones willed An altar of praise From beginning of days. Thus doth it lie 'Twixt the points of the sky For thus was it placed When the Goddess embraced The Horn'd One, her Lord, Who taught her the Word That quickened the womb And conquered the tomb. Be thus as of yore, The shrine we adore, [kiss] The feast without fail, The life-giving Grail.

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